What's Inside MyRoadWaves?

There's a lot to see and do inside the MyRoadWaves website. As our membership grows, we will keep adding more functionality. You can help us make this a better site as well by visiting often, adding your courtesy waves, and telling us about your road trips. Visit the Discussion Forums to chat with other road wavers from your local area or from somewhere international. Add a photo of a funny road sign that you saw or of your favourite car. Have fun and Start Waving!

  • Once you have submitted your wave, you can also post it to your Facebook Wall. Just click your Wave Title and the Facebook Share button
  • Visit the Discussion Forums to find out the latest updates
  • Keep visiting to meet our mascot in the near future
  • Search for members in your city or state/province
  • Make your morning commute more interesting and enjoyable
  • Find road trip stories from other members to help plan your next road trip