About MyRoadWaves

Here are the different types of waves you can receive out on the roadways. Keep track of the waves you get and help show how friendly your city is. You can also try to collect waves from different cities, states/provinces and countries.

MyRoadWaves Wave Types

Courtesy Wave Courtesy Wave Allowing a merge into your lane, turning in from a side street, leaving space for another driver to turn onto another street.
Bus Wave A special courtesy wave given by a bus driver. Often given by a wave from the window or flashing of the bus hazard lights.
Trucker Wave Like the bus courtesy wave but from a truck. Any truck, from a small moving truck up to a big highway rig.
Pedestrian Wave Pedestrians often give a wave for stopping to let them cross the street.
Bicycle Wave A cyclist may give you a wave for giving them space to go around a parked car or for letting them into traffic.
Motorcycle Wave Category for waves received from motorcyclists. Maybe you will even get a cool wave from a Harley rider!
Rants We all lose our cool on the road sometimes. This gives you a chance to rant online instead of on the road – much safer!
Birds Flipped (at you) As stated above, we all lose our cool now and again. Here you can pinpoint where you flipped or had one flipped at you.
Friend 2 Friend Wave Here is the place to locate waves you receive from friends or from other members while on the road.
My Wheels Wave My Wheels Wave Locate points where you waved to drivers with the same vehicle – from Camaro to Mini-Van.
Train Engineer Wave Train Engineer Wave Some train engineers still give you a wave or blow their whistle when you wave to them.
Flag Person Wave At construction sites and road work areas, it is always nice to give and receive a wave from a road work flag person.